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Moment of Gratitude #1

Every week we reflect on the positive experiences we’ve had throughout the week. Providing community service often comes with long/difficult days for our staff, volunteers, and members of the organization.

As we look back this week, we want to give a specific and heartfelt THANK YOU for the opportunity our partners have given us. By creating a trusting and understanding partnership with several great local organizations, this week we look back at the people we have helped and we are overwhelmed with the feeling of love, compassion, and gratefulness to have the opportunity to change lives and better the community.

Who are these partners and what is our role?

As part of our mission to create a more positive impact and environment to the local community, we have officially partnered with LifeBridge by Pure Heart Church which is a fresh food bank and community resource that was created to provide services that focus on the working poor and less fortunate. The goal is to help them improve the quality of their lives, their families, and their neighborhoods. This resource was designed to help them become less dependent on social services and government programs. We believe with our help, as the primary clothing and household goods donor for this program through our Thrift Store, we will be able to help individuals and families become more educated and Independent. LifeBridge is a powerful local resource for those in need but they are not able to facilitate a Thrift Store to further assist in their community efforts, we have stepped in for them to use as a primary resource.

We have also partnered with A New Leaf which is an outstanding local non-profit organization that has many benefits to those in need. They have a heavy focus on housing and shelter, health and wellness clinics, sexual and domestic violence support, family support, financial empowerment, foster care, and educational services. Arizona Thrift Co’s role is to provide clothing, household goods, and compassion from our Thrift Store to those that are sent to us from these programs.

We also have a close partnership with Christ’s Community Church, this organization has a heavy focus on children to help prevent human/teen trafficking and to help provide after school programs and assistance for children and families in need within our community. Some of these families and individuals face hardships of many kinds, when sent to our Thrift Store for assistance, we are able to provide clothing, furniture, household goods, and more through our voucher program.

We give thanks to those that work tirelessly to provide resources and compassion to those in need. The goal of creating a community to help a community is in full swing and we know that with more time and support, the positive impact to our local community will spread to others in need and we can touch more lives and help more people.

We also want to give thanks to our loyal customers for creating a loving and positive support system as we build the thrift store and our own community resources through our H.O.P.E program.

-Arizona Thrift Co.

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