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Homelessness, Not Hopelessness...

Updated: Jan 3

Arizona Thrift Co. was formed to provide a thrift store for you, where as a community, you can shop for wonderful items at low prices every day and in turn support a program that provides resources to those in need.

We believe hope is always stronger than fear and despair. We want all of Arizona to know that hope has a community, hope has a face, and hope has a name. Arizona Thrift Co.’s HOPE campaign is: Helping Our People Everyday, and we want to inspire others to embrace a community built with love, compassion, and hope. Envisioning a better future motivates us to take the steps to make this happen. Whether we think about it or not, hope is a part of everyone’s life. Our HOPE campaign is built on the idea of a community helping a community.

Arizona Thrift Co. is partnering with local businesses, churches, and other organizations, to build a community of hope to help those individuals or families in need. Many people in our communities throughout Arizona are living in despair and fear by facing homelessness, financial difficulty, and abuse. As some have been forced to live on the streets, others may have faced tragic happenings in their life. Many people in our community have no home, support system, or simply everyday items that we take for granted and enjoy. Fear and despair has become a daily occurrence for many. These people are our friends, family members, neighbors, and children that have wrongfully been subjected to our harsh world. Well fear not, HOPE is here! When you as a community donate items to be sold at our thrift stores and shop our stores as a customer, a portion of every dollar goes to help those families and individuals in need. We provide a voucher program where an individual or family facing homelessness or financial difficulty may get the items needed for free. Our hope campaign benefits those in despair by providing a network and community to help those in need.

Please, come join us in giving hope back to our Arizona.

Homeless families, homeless teens, and homeless children. Thousands of families and individuals that are facing financial difficulty are just days, even hours away from becoming homeless.

The statistics are staggering across the state of Arizona.

“Authorities say an official count shows the number of homeless people in Arizona’s largest county surged 35% over two years amid a housing crisis and economic hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic.” -Associated Press

We see it daily. Hundreds of newly homeless people are joining others in the streets and politics isn’t helping matters. This is no longer an argument and chance to point fingers, we need to find real-life solutions to help these people. These people are our friends, family members, and loved ones. Nobody is immune… it could happen to you or me, and that is why we must stick together as a community.

Abuse and human trafficking have also redlined in the state or Arizona, causing its own crisis among the homeless and unsheltered.

“Arizona State University performed a statewide study on 89 individuals aged 18-25[4]. They found that one in three homeless citizens have encountered human or sex trafficking[5]. Multiple factors contribute to Arizona having such high rates of human trafficking, but in recent years, COVID-19 is the main culprit.”


As you can see, the list goes on… and will not stop unless we step up as a community and as human beings. We can’t sit back any longer.

Arizona Thrift Co. and its Non-Profit Thrift Store Platform was designed to create a store for the community and to help solve these issues our state has found itself in. Through this store, we can contribute to many programs in the Phoenix area. We’re building an infrastructure that gives directly back to the community through a non-profit status and a voucher program. This will allow people facing crisis to get items they need for free and to help rebuild their lives. Non-Profit Charities/Organizations as well as For-Profit Businesses throughout Arizona are working tirelessly to continue the fight against homelessness, human trafficking, and abuse. Government programs are getting overwhelmed with the increased rise in homelessness and city officials are estimating another 15% increase in homelessness for 2023.

Many programs through businesses, churches, and other organizations are set in place to give directly back to the community. We are joining these efforts to take the steps for rehousing, rehabilitating, and restructuring lives.

Through love, compassion, and HOPE we can do this!

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